Services and Programs

Sunday Service
Every Sunday 11pm, Main Worship Hall.

Our Sunday service is based on the traditional Korean ritual that is held in Korean language, thereby it is mainly for Korean speakers. However, we welcome people who want to experience authentic Korean Buddhism, its ritual and practice.

Sunday Youth Dharma Service
Every Sunday 10pm, Main Worship Hall.

We are looking forward to future so we providing Dharma service for youth. In this one hour service, we read and discuss about Buddhist scripture in practical way by which youths can be benefited by the teaching of the Buddha.

Buddhist Meditation 101:
Sat 4pm, Main Worship Hall.

Our Saturday meeting is for people who are interested in learning Buddhist Mediation, its fundamental principle and methods.  The primary purpose of the meeting is for learning and practicing the Buddhist mediation based on Visudhimagga (the Path of Purification) written by Buddhagosa who is a one of the greatest Buddhist thinkers. The reason behind the purpose of our meeting is that we believe all kinds of buddhist and other meditations should have a common ground due to the generality of human mind. It sounds denominational, but all people are welcome, who want to be benefited by Buddhist meditation. A Korean Buddhist monk will lead the session.

Yoga Class
This will be scheduled later.

Scriptural Reading
This will be scheduled later.

Events Schedule

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